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Follow along in our adventures as we're proudly featured in various outlets.


As Seen on Fox 12 KPTV, More Good Day Oregon - "My Calming Kit"

(KPTV) -- My Calming Kit is a product inspired by the change in landscape when it comes to children's at-home learning during the pandemic.

Local mom and paraeducator, Gina Perkins, created the kit which is a small box that holds large meaning inside, curating a variety of sensory and grounding tools, as well as strategies that kids can to call upon when anxiety arises.

MORE'S Spencer Thomas caught up with Perkins to learn more about the calming kit and the specific, problem-solving objects inside.

For more information on the My Calming Kit, click here.

As Seen on Fox 12 KPTV, More Good Day Oregon - "Katie Not Afraidy: A Story About Conquering Childhood Anxiety"

(KPTV) -- "A book that became community" is how local mom Gina Perkins and her 11-year-old daughter, DJ Perkins, would call it.

The mother, daughter duo co-created the children's book, "Katie Not-Afraidy," a story that talks about childhood anxiety and corresponding mental health issues. The book is inspired by DJ's real-life experiences with anxiety, and how she learned to tackle it using journaling as a useful tool. 


The two spoke with MORE's Spencer Thomas about the book, and how they are committed to giving kids with anxiety a story they can relate to, and tools they can utilize to conquer and rise above. 


For more information on "Katie Not-Afraidy," click here. 


"Let's Talk About Anxiety: The Sugar Mama's Podcast: for Moms of Type 1 Diabetics"

In this episode, Katie talks with Gina Perkins about recognizing and navigating anxiety in both children and adults. Gina is mom to an 11 year old girl named DJ who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Both Gina and her daughter have dealt with anxiety throughout their lives and they are both passionate about bringing awareness to the subject as well as helping children and their parents who may also be struggling. Gina shares their story and offers some very useful tips for other parents dealing with anxious children. Gina and her daughter have also created some truly amazing and beautiful products to help other children who may be struggling with anxiety including Gina's book, Katie Not Afraidy. You won't want to miss this sweet and encouraging chat! Enjoy!

How Anxiety Prepared Us for Our Daughter's Diabetes Diagnosis

Published as a featured story on "The Mighty," this blogpost shares our family's experience with anxiety, and our daughter's Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.


Why ‘Decision Fatigue’ and COVID-19 Might Make Even the Smallest Decisions Hard

Published as a featured story on "The Mighty," this blogpost shares my experience with Decision Fatigue, a syndrome coined by social psychologist Dr. Roy F. Baumeister, and describes the deterioration of our ability to make good decisions after a long session of decision making.

To My Daughter With Anxiety: These Are the 2 Words I Cannot Accept

Published as a featured story on "The Mighty," this blogpost shares an intimate letter written to my daughter, after a particularly difficult experience with anxiety.

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