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What We Believe.

Our Vision, Mission, and Values function as our

guiding light in how we serve our community.

KNA Vision

We envision a world where no child feels alone in their struggle with anxiety, and no parent/caretaker feels inadequate in their ability to support their anxious child.

KNA Mission
Katie Not Afraidy empowers anxious children and their caretakers by providing common language, tools, and resources to further advance the discussion on childhood anxiety. 

KNA Values
Connection, Empowerment, Compassion, Perseverance, Awareness

Values Defined:

Connection. We believe that we’re better together. We believe that everyone belongs.  We know that mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we.  When we share our personal stories with one another, our shame shrinks where our understanding grows. 

Empowerment. We exist to give children a voice in expressing their struggles with anxiety. We teach them to look toward their Truth Queen/King, and we offer them tools to conquer their Story Bugs.  In addition, we provide resources and support for caretakers so that they feel better equipped to guide their anxious child.

Compassion. When we work to alleviate the suffering that an anxious child experiences, not only are we positively changing the trajectory of their life, but we are also changing the perception of mental illness overall. In addition, when we come together to support the burdened caretaker of an anxious child, we are allowing them to be seen without judgement.  

Perseverance. Anxiety is exhausting and overwhelming.  There’s not a quick fix when it comes to mental health issues.  However, we offer the hope and encouragement to keep going until the right supporting tools are discovered for your personal journey. 

Awareness. KNA is intended to be a conversation starter. Through this book and community, we hope to give anxious children and their caretakers the confidence to voice their personal experiences.  It is our belief that the first step in breaking the stigma around mental illness, is in our ability to feel safe talking about it. 

"We have founded Katie Not Afraidy, LLC. as a resource and community for both anxious children and their caretakers."

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