Scholarship Program

To ensure children and their caretakers have equal access to supportive tools and resources.  

Introducing the KNA Scholarship Program

This program ensures that children and their caretakers have equal access to supportive tools and resources which support mental health wellness. Here at Katie Not Afraidy, LLC., we understand that everyone faces unique circumstances and challenges in life, and that having financial limitations should never prevent someone from getting the assistance they need.  As such, we have created a scholarship program, to secure funds that cover "My Calming Kit," virtual camp sessions, and Caretaker's Courses.

We have tried to make the process as simple as possible.  It is our goal to match donors, with those seeking financial support. Individuals, schools, hospitals, programs, organizations, etc. are all eligible to apply.

To DONATE to our KNA Scholarship Program, simply click on the "Donate" button below, and offer any gift of your choice.  No amount is too small. Any amount makes a difference. Here are some examples of your donation at work:

  • $1 - $5  will help us provide camp supplies to children in our scholarship program

  • $10 can cover 1 child's virtual camp session

  • $20 will pay for 1 Caretaker's Course enrollment

  • $25 will allow 1 student to attend 4 virtual camp sessions, or purchase 1 "My Calming Kit"

  • $50 can cover multiple students' virtual camp fees, or 2 Caretaker's Courses, or 2 "My Calming Kits"

  • $100 can be used for multiple virtual camp enrollments / Caretaker's Courses / "My Calming Kits"

  • $250 will cover 10 "My Calming Kits!" or a variety of camp fees / Caretaker's Courses

To APPLY for a Scholarship Award, please fill out the form below.  All Scholarship Award requests will be reviewed by our KNA Team within 72 hours of entry, and applicant will be notified of grant qualification within one week of submission.  

KNA Scholarship Award Application
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