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What They're Saying

Book reviews by our beloved community and beyond

"My child now realizes that

he is not the only one who

suffers from these thoughts and fears."

I wish I had this book Katie Not-Afraidy when my grown children were little. One of them had lots of anxiety in grade school and though we found our ways to cope, this wonderful little book definitely would have been very helpful and encouraging! Well written, sweet illustrations, and I love the creative journaling pages in the back of the book. Could be helpful to adults dealing with anxiety too!

As someone who suffered from anxiety as a child, and who now has a 12-year-old son with anxiety, this book was a breath of fresh air! My child now realizes that he is not the only one who suffers from these thoughts and fears. A big thank you to Gina and her daughter, D.J., for bringing awareness to such a common emotional disability and for giving these young children comfort and support!

A very sweet little friend of my daughter suffers from anxiety. We bought this for her. Her family read it together and said it was a wonderfully written and great book to help open conversation with each other.

This book is so well-written and relatable. Both my girls suffer from slight anxiety and were able to relate to the character. Bravo! Well done!!

This book is filled with creative ideas and tools to regain your footing from anxiety. I have shared this book with friends who have children with anxiety and they love the pages in the back with worksheets and diagrams to make their own "worry box." This is a wonderful hands on book with concrete ideas to move forward in life. I love it.

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