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A Book That Became a Community

"A place where children come for empowerment, and their caretakers come for connection."

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About Us.

Katie Not Afraidy is more than the children's book we started from. It's a community. In this community, we strive to cultivate courage, authenticity and vulnerability.  Founded by Gina Perkins, Co-Author of Katie Not Afraidy, we are committed to offering a safe place to discuss childhood anxiety and corresponding mental health issues. It is our hope that you will find support and connection through this community when anxiety leaves you/the child whom you care for feeling different, isolated, and overwhelmed.  

We are not a licensed psychologist or healthcare professional and this community does not replace the care of healthcare professionals.

Here at KNA headquarters, we find that the most valuable wisdom is learned through listening intently to one another's stories. While our original story (read more about The Book here) features a nine year old heroine who learns how to conquer her Story Bugs, we know that there are countless versions of this same story of rising above mental illness, even when it feels impossible. Each one of those stories matters, too. Your story matters.


Katie Not Afraidy: A Story About Conquering Childhood Anxiety

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