Handmade. Double-stitched. Filled with rice and beans.  doTerra Lavender essential oil.

Mother's Day (Calm)bo!

  • These handmade calming heating pads are made with love and intention.  Research tells us that weighted pads bring comfort and grounding during times of anxiety and unease through deep touch pressure which calms the nervous system.  

    Each large weighted pad measures 18" x 9.5" and weighs 4lbs.  Each small pad measures 8.5" x 4" and weighs 1 lb.  Both are filled with dry rice and beans, along with a few drops of Lavender doTerra essential oil for added serenity.  Pads can be microwaved 1 minute at a time for a warm sensation, or kept in the refrigerator for a cool feeling.  Large pads can be used on chest, across lap or shoulders, or lower back.  Small pads are intended for use over closed eyes, as pressure therapy for sound sleep.

    Included with each pad is a key ring of 5 calming, restorative breathing exercises.  

    Weighted pads are beautifully package with polyester antique rose ribbon with lace details, and a twine bow.  They are finished with a dried sprig of lavendar, a bag of Yogi honey lavender stress relief tea and a blank gift tag for your personalization.

    Price includes shipping.